Living Forever

I still remember quite clearly when I was about five or six, I suppose, and got told in Sunday School about the good news: after we die, we get to keep on living forever!

That seemed like a really bad idea to me at the time, and it still does. Actually I got reminded of this watching that old Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise movie, “Interview with the Vampire”, which is about this nasty problem of living forever, among many other things.

I’d never had much of an urge to see that movie, thinking it was just a stupid vampire flick. Then someone gave it to me and I had nothing better to do than to actually watch it. Turns out that in addition to being a meditation on eternal life, the vampire motif works well as a metaphor for basic aspects of human existence like the nature of transformation and desire. Too bad I’m not coherent enough right now to embroider meaningfully on this theme.

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