Bush favors feeding human vegetable

You’ve heard about the girl in Florida whose husband is trying to take out her feeding tube and whose parents are trying to keep it in.

President Bush came out yesterday in favor of putting the girl’s feeding tube back in. He issued a statement saying it was part of his policy of creating a “culture of life…at all stages”.

But where’s the culture of life for the US soldiers who were killed in Iraq, or the civilians killed there? Where’s the culture of life for tthe hundreds of death-row inmates Bush let go to their deaths while he was governor of Texas? Bush cares more for the life of an 8-cell embryo than that of a retarded black man.

The Florida state legislature passed an obviously unconstitutional bill to allow Jeb Bush to order the feeding tube reinserted, after 19 judges had reviewed the case and determined that the comprehensive law passed five years ago to cover exactly such cases as this clearly allowed the husband to make the health care choices for his wife. Jeb Bush then signed that law, himself knowing it to be unconstitutional, and then took the action that the unconstitutional law supposedly allowed him to.

Now George W. Bush has come out in favor of his brother’s signing and taking action under an obviously unconstitutional law. Our President doesn’t even understand the basic concept of separation of powers in a modern representative democracy. Must have been playing hooky the day they covered that in his eighth grade civics class.

Joe Lieberman, of course, supported this unconstitutional course of events as well.

Older people especially should be concerned about the idea that their lives could be extralegally prolonged against their wishes and those of their guardians and duly appointed agents by legislatures and elected officials. Think about it.

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