Steven M. Altig, a Las Vegas defense lawyer, \”defends\” M

Readers of this blog will recall Steven M. Altig, an incompetent Las Vegas defense lawyer thanks to whose efforts “K” ended up with a 25-45 year sentence in the Nevada pentitentiary system.

And I’ve just been contacted by “M”, another unfortunate client of Mr. Altig’s. Thanks to Google, my blog article about Altig is very easy to find (it’s the first hit for him). “M” relates:

I just this very afternoon returned from a “last chance” hearing. It had already been continued once for Altig’s benefit (something about him going out of the country on vaction for 4 months and didn’t bother notifying anyone – I had to call Wolfson’s office a week before my trial to find out he was out of town,) and they would not allow it to continue again without severe penalty. And he didn’t even bother to show up! I’m glad I did even though he had recommend I not, as otherwise I would have been found in default if one of us hadn’t shown up and suffered highly. Fortunately I had prepared extensively for just such a situation (he has been continuing things for 10 months now and I’ve been beginning to suspect something suspicious) and managed to stumble through it “without legal representation” and think I probably did better than he would have. As it is, if this does not play out, I’m considering a malpractice suit and have already demanded a refund of his fee. If you decide to do a class action malpractice suit let me know.

Even more ironic, the date you wrote the blog was almost to the day when I first contacted him. Wish I had read it first. I’ve got some choice words about Wolfson now too. Originally my acceptance letter from Altig claimed Wolfson would be conferring my case. By June, after one continuance, Wolfson was elected to ward rep., a politcal office, for my ward (unfortunately the fact that I voted against him was not sufficient to keep him out of office—he actually walked door to door in my neighborhood and I asked him if his getting elected would affect my case and he said “no”) and now cannot practice law in LV municipal court where my case is being heard (conflict of interest), so now I’m stuck with Altig, alone, in his own office (you think getting him to return calls before was a problem?), he doesn’t even have a secretary anymore apparently, you just get voice mail. I think he’s currently operating out of a cardboard box on Fremont and 4th.

Feel free to post this in your blog if you like, just leave out my name and other info, and any other changes you need to. I’ll feel better knowing I helped keep someone else out of his clutches.

We feel for you, M. Good luck. Let’s talk about that malpractice suit.

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  1. D Says:

    This is for you haters who couldnt complete their terms of probation and has put their own faults onto Steves shoulders. First off, I am a client of Steven M. Altig, and because of his awesome performance in the court room, i am a free man. I was facing 10 to life for drug trafficing and because of steves VERY resonable rates i was able to retain him. He beat the case for me but the DA was not satified wih the results so they indicted me with a grand jury and i was then picked on arrest warrants. Steve faught it and was able to get me out on probation which i quickly screwed up. He then got me reinstated to my probation which i am now doing what im supposed to and should be off paper in a year.
    So to the writer of this blog, thanks for putting your case number down so i was able to see that you deserve 25 years for rape as far as im concerned.
    And to the last comment, about your friend, Tell her to make it to her court dates and she would of never been arrested. In other words, Dont be stupid!
    To conclude this here comment i say Thank you to Steven M. Altig for helping me recieve a chance to change my life around. Keep up the good work and dont let these stupid people bring you down, because of you and only you, i am not sitting in prison for the poor choices i made 2 years ago. Thanks Steve

  2. R Says:

    Thanks D, we need more people like you to help let out my dad’s good name. I’m sure the majority of his clients were very happy with the results that came from his representation. That is why only two people who lost their cases are online complaining, while the other percentage is moving on with their lives after a successful hearing and hopefully changing their lives around. I feel bad for you fully grown “adults” who are going to continue on the rest of your lives blaming your mistakes on other people just so you can feel better about yourselves and the poor choices you’ve made. Good luck winning that malpractice suit with your backgrounds.

  3. Aimee Marie Says:


  4. Brian Byrnes Says:

    Steven M Altig was highly recommended to me by several of my friends and it only took a 15 minute consultation for me to be convinced that I wanted him to represent me. The man is extremely intelligent and has a razor sharp knowledge of the laws both of this country and our state/city. He is a true freedom fighter for personal liberties and justice and is not afraid, but willing and completely able to fight for you. I would take Mr. Altig at my side over any attorney in the valley, and I have seen first hand how hard he works for his clients. This man is truely dedicated to his work and turns it out quite impressively. So far we have had only one court date on my case(where he replaced my incompedent dump-truck of a PD). I must say that when we left the room, I felt sooooo happy with the fact that he was now my attorney of record. Everything he did in that short session made my confidence in him grow exponentially.. from his appearance to his demeanor, to the way he carried himself and the words he spoke out of his mouth, he truely shinned with proffessionalism and is worth every penny of his very reasonable rate. Above and beyond all else, Steven is “real” people who stands up for your rights and truely believes in his cause, making him the ultimate weapon, lying in wait, in your corner…

    Thank you Steven M Altig

  5. Eric Parslow Says:

    Steve is an outstanding attorney. He has represented me in a criminal case and in a family case; exceeding my expectations in both matters. His true dedication to upholding the (fading) principles our nation and legal system was founded upon is admirable and refreshing to encounter in his profession. On the flip side, Steve’s desire to “do the right thing” also leads him to bite of more than he can chew (meaning take on too many clients/too much work) which in turn stretches him too thin and has an adverse effect on his performance. I don’t know where he is currently, but there is a hole in the community of persons with good hearts and free minds where he previously stood. Good luck & thank you Steve. Hope to see you return in victory.

  6. Dumb ass Says:

    Very unprofessional and very uncaring. All he wants is a piece of ass

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