Neurotheology market in 2005: $2,150,030

I am pleased to announce the first annual neurotheology market size survey.

There are many resources for understanding the neuroscience business as a whole, such as the Corante Brainwave blog, where you can find entries such as:

Cogniceuticals improve and treat disorders of attention, learning, memory, or cognition. Cogniceuticals are the fastest growing neuropharmaceutical market for two primary reasons: (1) demographic shifts towards aging population (2) scientific progress on memory related disorders, especially animal models.

However, no one has to my knowledge focused on the size of the neurotheology market, so I hereby present my first annual analysis.

Research: Five government and foundation-funded projects, averaging $250K each. Total: $1.25M.

Books: Ten books, averaging sales of 2,000 each, at $20. Total: $400K.

Materials: Transcranial stimulation helmets, herbs, sales of 5K at $100 each. Total: $500K.

Blogs: This blog makes about $30/year, from Google AdSense ads.

The total neurotheology market for 2005 is thus $2,150,030.

Our forecast is that the market should balloon to double the size in 2006, with more activity in each of its segments. If current trends continue, my blog revenue is expected to more than double, reaching $75.

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