Thanks for your comments

I’d like to thank the readers of Numenware for their insightful comments and the value they add to the blog.

Actually, the greatest number of comments came on an obscure post about a trivial English grammar issue. For some reason, huge numbers of readers from India believed I was offering some kind of English lessons. I wish I could figure out how to monetize these guys!

Next most popular was 34 readers commenting on my post about Charles Shaw’s $2 wine. Must have gotten picked up somewhere. As long as they click on my Google ads, I’m fine.

My post on sushi restaurants near my house generated 24 comments. My favorite was

My two interests are Neurotheology and Sushi and those two roads have guided me to this informative website….

Thought-provoking comments included those on the article Science and Buddhism on craving and suffering and The End of Faith. On my post on Bill O’Reilly: unlikely neurotheology advocate , the actual interviewee who appeared on Bill’s program made a comment. Some of the comments were very personal: on Religious music in your brain, one reader commented:

I am constantly hearing Christmas and religious hymns whenever I am not concentrating on a task. I also hear some old popular songs ‘Tammy’ & “The Bells of St. Mary’s”, “Star Spangled Banner” Every tune is in the same beat of 3/4 time. How do I stop this, it is driving me mad.

No one bothered to comment on one of my favorite posts, God and the brain in your gut, although it got some trackbacks. Nor on Peak experiences on mountain peaks , although it got picked up by Mind Hacks, nor on the article about dried squid entrails. My post about Sanyo: washing machines and global symbiosis yielded a request for a user’s manual for one of their washing machines.

The longest comment, by far, was on my post Book review: Living with the Devil , where Nordron, a Buddhist monk from Dharmasala, gave a thoughtful, detailed Buddhist perspective. Rhawn Joseph himself commented on my post about him and warned me that the picture I was using was wrong (since fixed).

I have been blessed with thoughtful, informative comments which add, I think, to the overall value of the blog, and not too many of them to be overwhelming. Thank you again.

6 Responses to “Thanks for your comments”

  1. Suraj Says:

    lol. thanks for honouring me 😛

  2. Charles Says:

    How to monetise them? Simple – send them a post saying “And here is lesson 1 in grammar.” End it halfway through with a link to a site where they can buy the rest of the lesson.

    Automate the place where the cutoff comes so it’s different for each subscriber.

    But I come to you via Go searching. What’s up with Has nothing happened in the field for a year?

  3. Ahmed Says:

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  6. Daniel Kochanik Says:

    So many comments and posts about neurotheology and nobody ever mentioned Timothy Leary’s concept of 8 circuits within the nervous system. I like it, it’s a quality reading – a lot of insights.

    But anyway, I love this site, I sent a dozen of comments already and probably will in the future. Some of your posts are really to the point of my deep interest. Especially those about God, enlightment and spiritual stuff. Keep it up, mate. You’re doing a good job. Very inspirational.

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