Music can cause your brain to grow

Italian neuroscientists have that bombarding mice with easy listening music increases levels of brain-derived neurotropic factor ( ), in their hypothalmus specifically. However, levels of another neurotropic factor, NGF (nerve growth factor), declined. The findings suggest, according to the authors, that physiological effects of music, such as lowered blood pressure and heart rate or mood improvements, “might in part be mediated by modulation of neurotrophins.”

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  1. Daniel Kochanik Says:

    Well, let’s say that by listening to a loud sound (music), you stimulate the part of the brain called sacculus. This part stimulates the growth of nervous system and with it the whole body. But it’s not as simple as that, because it happens in cycles.

    You can’t listen to music and grow your brain instantly, but by regular exposure to a fairly loud music, you can stimulate your brain for improvement. And with it, the improvement of your whole body. That’s the way I would put it.

    One important point is that the growth of the brain is not manifested in actual increase of the size of the brain. You grow you brain by creating more lines or ruts, so the size stays more or less the same. But the result is that the brain is much more efficient in creating more and more mental and physical energy for your disposal. Therefore, creating a better life for you.

    So yes, the music is definitelly useful, along with pleasurable.

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