Why does movie rain look so fake?

We now have fancy computer graphics technologies which can do entire animated movies like Finding Nemo, or create a hundred bad guy clones like in Matrix: Reloaded. So why does movie rain still look so fake? The only rain I ever see in movies looks like it’s being poured from a pitcher. In my life I’ve probably experienced really heavy rain only a half-a-dozen times, yet’s that’s always how the rain looks in movies. I guess computer graphics can’t help out here yet because although it could certainly do the rain itself, it can’t do the rain hitting the people’s clothes and the street. But what would be so hard about building a better rain machine, with settings like light drizzle, sprinkle, or misty rain?

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Normal rain does not show up on camera- it looks like monsoon rain because it is.

    We have the technology to make normal rain, of course, but you just can’t see it on film, so most directors choose not to take this option.

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