\”Bobby and the A-Bomb Factory\” is published!

“Bobby and the A-Bomb Factory” is my childhood memoir. It’s now available from Amazon.

According to the jacket blurb:

This deeply personal memoir of the 1950s weaves a connection between the the men who built the A-bomb, their wives and children and ancestors, and the Native Americans on whose lands they lived.

This book defines a new genre, one that I will call historical autobiography. The emphasis is less on the nominal subject of the autobiography himself, and more on that subject as an accidental axis around which swirl historical and culture currents—in my case, America’s atomic program, as the title indicates, but also 1950s politics, Indian culture, and American religions.

Here’s one early reader review:

…fascinating…very well-written and flows and fits together and is funny and reflects you. Just great!

The subtitle of the book is “Growing up on the Banks of the Columbia.” Future volumes will involve the other rivers in my life: the Hudson, the Limmat, the Charles, the Sumida.

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