The upcoming unagi (eel) boom in the US

I think the US is ready for a big-time Unagi (eel) boom.

I foresee an immensely successful chain of unagi restaurants. Of course, we’ll serve the basics, like una-don (grilled eel on rice) and kabayaki (plain grilled eel). Then we’ll have Bob’s super-duper unagi sandwich: unagi with mozzarella in a focacchia, grilled to perfection. And of course Unagi mousse.

Unagi mochi as well.

For dessert: unagi pie, of course. No—not what you think. It’s a Japanese confection, crisp savory sweet biscuits, just coiled in the shape of an eel—hence its name.

We’ll focus on the nutritional benefits of eel. It’s an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, and fatty fish oils. Then, of course, our marketing geniuses will figure out how to make the appeal for the so-called “stamina” properties of eel—in other words, it’s a great aphrodysiac!

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