Al Gore\’s speech to

Ran across Al Gore’s speech to Listen to it now. It’s a shame that our political system could not elect a man like this even after he won the popular vote, and that instead of him running this year we have the nine dwarfs. He leaves them in the dust in terms of his intellect, his compassion, his honesty, and his policy expertise. He honed in in his speech on what I agree is the real issue: the fundamental dishonesty of the Bush administration and its contempt for the political process and the American citizenry.

Everyone in America was dismayed at the looting that went on in Iraq after its “liberation”. We felt ashamed that human beings could behave so abysmally, do things so obviously wrong. That’s why it really struck a chord when Gore quoted the Nobel-prize winning economist George Akerlof as saying that in the Bush team’s economic policies “…we have a form of looting”. Not chairs or fans looted from a government office in Iraq, but billions of dollars quasi-legally looted from the American people by the rich, the drug companies, and the energy companies.

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