Lieberman on the Loose

Lively debate last night among the Democratic candidates for President.

Up to now I had thought Joe Lieberman was sort of harmless and confused. Now I started to think he is actually dangerous. Attacking Dean when the latter proposes we try to take a balanced position in the Middle East. Making his lame appeals for the black vote. Insisting we add more troops in Iraq when no-one else, not even President Bush, wants to do that. What’s he trying to do, appeal to the reservist vote? Did he forget that he was only chosen as VP candidate in 2000 as an Clinton-neutralizer since he had come out early against Presidential philandering? Has it not occurred to him that he’s one of the reasons Gore lost in 2000?

Best impressions: Carol Moseley Braun—thoughtful, intelligent, articulate. Great VP candidate. Worst impressions: John Kerry—his hair can only get him so far, since he apparently doesn’t really believe anything and can’t express it if he does. But Dean is brighter and more presidential than the rest of them put together, and actually has the better-drawn policies, in spite of rabid right-wing talk-show hosts trying to paint him as a 21st century McGovern.

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