Jumping through hoops, or getting WMA files into MP3

I made the mistake of downloading a couple of albums from MusicMatch, which of course come in WMA format. Then I bought my fabulous new Squeezebox home media integration server, which only knows how to play MP3s (actually, it can handle AAC and some other formats as well). So I needed to convert the files—but how? I discovered the hard way what a lot of computer music aficionados certainly already knew.

I had to burn audio CDs of the WMAs I had downloaded. Then I had to re-rip those into MP3. That worked. But what’s the point of making users jump through these hoops? And who knows what happened to the quality of the CDs during the burning and re-ripping process?

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  1. Robert Castelo Says:

    Have you tried iTunes?

    The usage rights are much more flexible. The biggest problem with iTunes is transfering music you\’ve bought from your PC to a Mac (it works, but some of the meta info is lost).

    Something I\’m sure Apple is hard at work on ; – )

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