Terri Schiavo is dead

Terri Schiavo is dead. May she rest in peace.

Her death, however, does not seem to have put an end to the anticonstitutional looniness on the part of certain politicians and leaders of the religous right, seemingly eager to prove their level of cortical activity is even lower than hers was. But what was really driving these “pro-life” people? Could their motivation have been more than mere crass politics? After all, national polls showed huge majorities in favor of Congress keeping its nose out of the case and letting Terri die, and we all know these guys watch the polls…

I posit that what drove them to such fervor in keeping Terri alive was a deeply rooted personal fear of death.

Not content to live in private torment with their inner demons, these emotionally stunted political and religous “leaders” then proceed to inject their own terror of dying into the body politic at large, amplifying and aggravating the fear of death reverberating throughout our society. True to their conservative roots, they fear all change, but above all that most dramatic change when life comes to an end.

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