Mitt and Mormonism

I love Mitt Romney. His hair is real cool, and he’s personally made about $400M from deals like Staples, where I buy paper for my printer. My parents were very fond of his dad George. Now Mitt’s running for President. The press is awash in speculation about whether his particular brand of Mormon magic is going to make it impossible for him to win the nomination or the election. Mitt’s eager to assert that Mormonism is just another regular old type of Christianity. Hey, Jesus is his personal savior.

Mitt just needs to answer a few basic questions for the media and the public:

  • When God appeared to Joseph Smith to restore the gospel, He stated regarding other religions that Joseph should “join none of them, for they were all wrong, and…that all their creeds were an abomination in his sight.” Mitt, do you believe this?
  • Mormonism continues to teach that polygamy pertains in the Celestial Kingdom, and supports that position with the rule that men may be married in the temple to multiple wives. If Mitt’s wife were to die tragically and he was to remarry in the temple, he’d be signing up for posthumous polygamy. Mitt, do you believe this ?
  • The church baptizes dead people so that they can be ready to accept Mormonism in the afterlife in order to achieve exaltation. Mitt, do you believe this ?

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