Focusing on the people\’s business

Posted August 18, 2003

I found it interesting that George W. Bush, in his standard speeches he gives at his fundraisers (he gave two this week, 20 minutes each, raised a total of $2M), emphasizes that

“right now I’m focused on the people’s business” and “the political season will come in its own time.”

This is while he is at a campaign event, raising money for his campaign! He intends to raise $150-170 million this time around.

If you don’t like any of the Democratic candidates, you could consider supporting Wesley Clark, the ex-NATO commander. He understands military issues and the role of American power in the world. Recently, he said:

“We went into Iraq under false pretenses . . . You call it deceptive advertising, you’d be taking [Bush] to the Better Business Bureau if you bought a washing machine the way we went into the war in Iraq,” the former NATO commander told CNN.
“We haven’t made America safer by this. We’ve made America more engaged, more vulnerable, more committed, less able to respond. We’ve lost a tremendous amount of goodwill around the world.”

Think about it.

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