The Optimism of Zen

Today the NYT carried the obituary of Gordon Onslow Ford, an American surrealist who I never heard of. I found it interesting, though, that they described his paintings as having “a cheerful decorative appeal and a spiritual optimism informed by Carl Jung’s psychology, Zen Buddhism and the artist’s own metaphysical and aesthetic theories.” Must be the first time in recorded history that some one has described Zen Buddhism as “optimistic”, although it certainly makes sense to me.

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  1. Douglas Philips Says:

    Hello, I read your thoughts. I saw the humor in it. Did you know that GOF never sold any of his paintings? He would not sell any of his works while he was alive and he painted hundreds of works. The Tate Museum and many others are now after his works. If you are interested in obtaining these works please email me. I believe that in the next many years the record will be set strait about who influenced who during this time in art. Important for people to know who really was influencing artist that today are worth millions of dollars and changed the world of modern art. It\’s good to know that he will be recognized at long last for his contribution.

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