Joe Lieberman regrets not focusing on the crime victims’ rights

At the Democratic presidential candidates’ radio debate on January 5, the candidates were asked to cite a mistake they made that they regretted; in response, Joe Lieberman brought up the fact that as Connecticut’s attorney general he had focused more on the rights of criminals than crime victims.

Just a couple of minor things Joe. First of all, why couldn’t you just have focused on all the rights that everyone is supposed to have instad of picking and choosing your favorite people to have rights? Second, as a lawyer I hope you know that the criminal process involves exactly two parties, the state and the charged. Although some people might like the victim to have rights, such as to see the bad guy shot by a firing squad, for instance, in our legal system, thankfully, they don’t, other than to make a sentencing statement or in some cases get restitution. So Joe, precisely which victims’ rights are you were sorry you didn’t focus on more?

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