Shooting Mexicans up to the moon

Bush is really on a policy roll. He’s announced two big initiatives in the last week: first, he wants to legalize the status of illegal immigrants; second, he wants a base on the moon and eventually to go to Mars.

But none of our intrepid pundits have unearthed the obvious connection between these two proposals. Bush clearly wants to attract and keep immigrants so he can then shoot them up to the moon and eventually hopefully Mars.

One Response to “Shooting Mexicans up to the moon”

  1. moon pie Says:

    Sounds like the big plan. They\’ll need some people to go up and work in the dangerous strip mines they are planning to build up there. Helium 3 based Rocket Fuel will be the world\’s next fuel source after all the oil runs out, and the Bush empire will need people to help make them rich off of it.

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