Will Google ever get user design?

Why is everything Google makes so UGLY ?

Take your pick. Google Maps. Google Reader. iGoogle. GMail. Every single page is relentlessly, fixately UGLY


Once upon a time, pure, simple, HTML with no images, pages that loaded in milliseconds, had some value. Google, it’s now 2007. Guys, hire a user interface designer. Make your stuff easy on the eyes!

The reason why all of Google’s stuff looks like s**t is pretty simple. They are a pure engineering company. Once the engineers have gotten their latest and greatest feature to work, they’re hardly motivated to actually make it look nice. That’s wimpy.

The engineering model worked great when then only thing Google had to do was figure out algorithms to index and search billions of pages. It doesn’t any more. People want rich user experiences, they want eye candy, they want visual pleasure. Can you give it to them?

2 Responses to “Will Google ever get user design?”

  1. Ben Says:

    I thought the point was that fewer cool images would result in quicker loading times.

  2. Joe Says:

    Can anyone provide a link to a map server that is easier to rad than Google maps? I think Google maps is very well designed, in term of color, readability, etc.

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