Western Heights, the neighborhood to our west

Western Heights is the neighborhood right to our west—bounded by Western on the east, Arlington on the west, Washington on the north, and I-10 on the south. When we were looking for a house we ran into this area, which contains some of the most fabulous, large-scale, sumptious century-old homes anywhere in LA.

The LA Times recently published an informative article on this area. Prominent houses discussed include

  • the 10-room Baker residence built in 1910 on West 21st Street
  • the John C. Austin-designed, 5,600 sq. ft. house with 5 1/2 bathrooms (Austin also designed City Hall)
  • the Kissam residence on West 20th Street—a three-story, 8000 sq. ft., 28-room Craftsman built in 1907 and designed by Frank Dale Hudson and William A. O. Munsell
  • the 5,350 sq. ft. Asher home, built in 1904 on South Gramercy Place, where Marvin Gaye’s father shot the singer to death in 1984

Recentering el Pueblo is a blog written by a real-estate agent specializing in the area, and is well worth a read.

Note that Western Heights is considered part of the Arlington Heights neighborhood of LA .

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