Latter Days, the movie, a touching love story

Ladder Days is a movie about Mormonism and being gay, set right here in our very own West Hollywood. It’s a little predictable and formulaic, but also funny and touching. I especially liked the part where the gay missionary’s own dad is the church official in charge of the church “court” where the missionary is booted out of the church.

Definitely worth watching. I also loved the soundtrack. Steve Sandvoss is especially good as the missionary, the New York Times praising him as “…giv[ing] Aaron a dignity, sweetness and humor that do a great deal to redeem the clichés built into his character.” IMDB gave this movie a rating of 6.8, but that was biased downward by a lot of “1” (lowest) ratings, presumably by Mormon homophobes, who are predictably bashing the movie without having even seen it.

2 Responses to “Latter Days, the movie, a touching love story”

  1. Angela Says:

    I loved this movie, i got baptised as a mormon when i was in the army, and i can relate to this movie in a way. it would be horrible, i just cant imagine my family being like that. This was a great movie.

  2. patricia Says:

    I loved this movie. It is a beautiful love story. I had to get the dvd, and it is so well casted with fresh newcomers and with wonderful acting and touching scenes. I absolutely loved the writing and the whole film.


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