The Meaning of Meaning (3)

Of course, Zen therapy does not pinpoint only existential angst by mitigating cravings for universal meaning. It also influences the pattern-making and pattern-matching we use day-to-day. Now, our pattern machinery basically works quite well, look how far it’s gotten us. But at the same time there are many ways in which it’s broken, or should I say problems in how we use it. The main issue is how we try to apply patterns when they don’t really fit, how we apply them with no flexibility, how we fail to tweak the patterns as we are applying them. Of course there has to be an essence of the pattern, which is the point of its existence, but at the same time we have to keep evolving the patterns, choose the right patterns to apply, adapt and refine them. Our built-in reward system for finding and matching patterns can lead us to use patterns which aren’t really relevant, or to try to stuff a pattern down some situation’s throat.

Dogen’s Zen therapy not only relieves our cravings for patterns, and leaves us comfortable even in pattern-less situations, but also acts as a kind of lubricant for our patterning systems. It gradually rewires our brains so we more easily find new patterns, modify existing patterns, and choose the right pattern.

But let’s go back and parse a bit more of what Dogen was saying. He refers to “enlightened ones”. This, obviously, in terms of the patterns we know and love about sainthood and rarified states of being, must mean someone who is at a completely different level in terms of grasping deep, intricate patterns about existence, right? No, it just means a person who through intensive therapy has ceased addictively looking for non-existent patterns. He refers to “ultimate awareness”. This, obviously, must mean some exalted state of being achievable only by some sainted person in an altogether different league from ourselves, right? No, it just means someone who has stopped spending his energy seeking unseekable patterns and who therefore is able to focus on the reality in front of him.

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  1. paul pawlowski Says:

    Quipu makes me rewiring my brain

    Inca Quipu knots carry numerals –
    My sczytaja knots carry thousands of proverbs in many languages based on universal keyboard A to Z plus subsidiary attached to Recording cord
    for numerals 1 to 9 and
    subsidiary attached to subsidiary for numeral Zero and numeral Zeroes

    I was doing ZEN mediating what my son Colin once said to me
    Mother Mnemosyne made me remember what my son Colin once said to me — Dad – I can count to nine hundred and ninety nine said my son Colin to me once when he was little
    Very good Colin I said and I asked him what comes next?
    Don’t know he said
    Then Colin said — Dad, how much can you count?
    I count to nine hundred and ninety nine thousands
    What comes next asked Colin

    One comes next followed by six zeroes I instructed
    How many Zero can you count? asked Colin

    Good question — How many Zeroes counted Egypt Maya Inca?
    15 Inca knot Nordenskiold

    15 Knot on what part of Quipu?

    If 15 knot was of Two Cords — that could have been Inca
    recording Key over Two Cords — just as our 26 A to Z
    over two cords makes 13 – 13 knot

    If Nordenskiold 15 was on subsidiary attached to subsidiary that means
    15 zeros
    — say decimal 1 knot 5 knot on subsidiary
    15 Zero knots on subsidiary attached to subsidiary

    No write Pagan Inca was counting Zeros Quipu knots
    Christian Polska was made to forget SCZYTAJA read the Bible count fingers
    piec — PIESC — FIST

    Christian Brits was made to forget Read REEDS
    Brits made to read the Bible
    count fingers
    five — FIST

    Germans were made to forget pagan past
    Christian Germans count fingers
    funf — Faust — FIST

    Thank you my Son Colin
    Thank you Mother Mnemosyne

    paul pawlowski
    2016 Quipu research year
    Muzeum Sczytaja
    237 RH15 9QU

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