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The art of Michael R. Evans

Monday, January 17th, 2005

Michael Evans (website) sculpts Optic Clusters , glass objects which reveal to us our concepts of light and space. From the artist’s website:

With “Optic Clusters” I take the viewer on a visual exploration of three-dimensional space; the space between the balloons. This is the world of no straight line—no edges to fall off. “Optic Clusters” show us hidden forms that can only be seen and which only exist in curved space.

…I play with the light, trying to influence it from one place to another. I twirl it between my fingers, manipulating it until I can pluck a single ray and examine its form, like a stop-action photo, but in 3-D sculpture. The viewer can optically explore the interrelationships of each different shape and view the source of its creation. We are in a constant juxtaposition of positive and negative space, transforming one to the other in a seemingly endless dance.

Not only an artist but also a philosopher, Evans opines:

…religion and science are but an analogy of each other…each is but an explanation of the same concept—the search for the one indisputable, indivisible, immutable law that governs the workings of the universe.

Evans is also the inventor of Space Clusters, “a series of struts and intersections that assemble easily and form three dimensional constructions without glue.”